Mossburn Benrinnes 11 år single malt 55,8% 0,70

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No. 11 - Vintage Cask Selection - Benrinnes 2008

The Mossburn Vintage Casks range are a collection of Single Malt Scotch Whiskies each issuing from a strictly limited and select batch of casks. Each numbered release will only ever yield a finite number of bottles. While this means that we can never replicate the particular character of this Single Malt, it also offers an opportunity to sample what we believe to be an exceptional example of the whisky made by one of Scotland’s most distinguished distilleries.

Tasting notes

Flooding, fires and frequent bankruptcies have coloured the Benrinnes Distillery’s early history, possibly one of Scotland’s unluckiest distilleries in its early days, and even today it doesn’t present the most welcoming of facias. Fortunately none of this is reflected in the spirit it produces. There are six stills and the spirit is run through worm tub condensers. Interestingly this whisky comes from the last year that a partial triple distillation process was used at Benrinnes.

Deceptively light in colour, but with a weighty and slightly malty nose which gradually releases honeyed cereal notes.

Casked in refill Hogsheads for eleven years, the gentle oak influence comes through mid-palate and adds layers of structure before a weighty nut-brittle finish.